Tuesday, January 20, 2009

boyfie, i do love you.

I know its our hard time for us now
I make my big mistake by not telling u the truth about my past time
I have no choice before this.

its hard for me to tell everyone the truth
to tell u what i am before this
I love our relationship and i don't want to ruin it.

please forgive me for all my mistake
I've changed a lots.
I don't want to loose u,
I need u every second, minutes, hours, day month and year with me.

do give me second chance
because my love for u is 100% without uncertain.
I promise won't hurt u anymore.

*this poem taken from my other blog. i made this poem for him when we had a big fight around 25th december 08. i just want to let he know how much i do love him and to my boyfie, i would like to say thank you for forgive me.

1 ciuman:

capullet360 said...

nice artwork...
bahasa halus.
dan sangat penuhy erti.

*bila nak perform..?seperti sis fynnjamal*